Monday, November 21, 2011

A Few Tips to Get Through the Holidays Without Packing on the Pounds

-       Trays of food at holiday parties can be dangerous, especially if there is someone circulating with food. It’s best to fill a small plate with your selections so you can see what you are eating instead of taking a sample here and there. Try to fill your plate with vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Avoid fried foods and cheese-laden options. All of those samples add up in no time and it might not even seem like you ate very much.

-       Going out to dinner to celebrate the holidays? Be careful if you are sharing dishes with friends or family at restaurants. We often tend to overeat if there is more than one option available. A small bit from each plate can add up to a lot without us even noticing! Your best bet is to order your own plate and commit to a healthy choice from the menu.

 -       Helping cook a large holiday meal? If you find yourself in the kitchen helping to prepare a holiday meal, be sure to eat some healthy food beforehand. It’s easy to unknowingly snack when you are cooking on an empty stomach. Also, make sure to stay hydrated. Often times we confuse thirst with hunger.

 -       Going for a seconds? Before you take a second helping, sit back and enjoy the company and conversation. Hydrate. Relax. Then if after 20 minutes you still aren’t satisfied, go ahead and have a few more veggies or another piece of turkey.

 -       Dessert. Let’s face it, most of us look forward to some freshly baked pie or other sweet treats during the holiday season. Of course you can indulge in some dessert once in a while, but perhaps this year only have a small slice of pie or share a piece with someone. 

 -       Keep Moving. Make exercising a priority during this busy time of year. Holidays can be stressful and stress can cause some people to overeat. Try going for a run or a bike ride instead of reaching for leftovers or that box of Oreos.
Remember, it's OK to indulge once in a while, but stuffing your face during the holidays is a quick way to put on a few pounds. Stay active this holiday season and with a little awareness, you can stay on track. Happy Holidays!

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