Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eating Out in California

One of the best things about eating out in California is the fact that most high-end restaurants get their food from local farmers and also tend to use organic produce. Veggies tasted fresh and the quality of meat was top notch. Grass-fed beef and local chickens were popular items on the menus as were a wide variety of delicious salads. Some NY restaurants do this in the summer months but the winters here in the city really limit eating fresh and locally.

A restaurant that I really liked in San Francisco was Greens. Greens is a vegetarian establishment and the dishes were created with the idea of local and fresh produce. The menu changes regularly based on available ingredients and gives patrons variety. I sometimes crave meat after eating at vegetarian restaurant but at Greens the dishes were hearty and tasty. I left satisfied and to my surprise, I wasn't craving a steak!

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